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If you ask a lot of people who he or she thinks is the greatest basketball player of all time, I bet most people would say Michael Jordan. Some might say Wilt Chamberlain. Some might say Magic Johnson. Unique skill-sets are what set players apart from one another. LeBron James was supposed to the “next” MJ coming out of high school.

But we soon found out that his skill-set resembled Magic Johnson’s more than MJ’s. I would say that Kobe Bryant will be the closest thing to Jordan that we will ever see in the NBA.

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Thunder vs. Heat in NBA Finals? Pacers Legend Reggie Miller Thinks So


Reggie Miller, Indiana Pacers legend, NBA analyst for TNT and Olympic athlete, yesterday shared his thoughts about the NBA’s upcoming, post-lockout, 66-game season.
Former Olympian and seasoned broadcaster Summer Sanders interviewed Miller Dec. 19 as part of her “Countdown to London” series.
They discussed Miller’s participation in the 1996 Olympics and then quickly turned to the NBA and its opening tipoff on December 25.

No Way the 2011-12 NBA Season Starts on Time Now

Don’t bet on the 2011-12 NBA season getting underway on November 1st.

No progress was made in the labor talks last week, and the media days that are supposed to be held on October 3rd- are probably not going to happen. Training camps were supposed to open a week or so after that date, but don’t hold your breath.

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Pacers Biggest Pre-Season Headlines

A 98-86 win over the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves gave the Indiana Pacers their first pre-season win in four chances. Now, I say lowly regarding Minnesota because they project to be one of the worst teams in the Western Conference. Indiana doesn’t get much more love in the projections, but they do have the potential to be a borderline playoff team in the Eastern Conference.

For a team who hasn’t made the playoffs in four years, the Pacers have an entire new look with the additions of PG Darren Collison, F James Posey and first-round draft pick Paul George. Head Coach Jim O’Brien enters his fourth year at the realm and will look to preach defense and rebounding to a young team with what looks like a bright future in the long-term.

By: Nick Grays

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