What role will Jimmy Butler have for Chicago Bulls?


When Jimmy Butler was drafted by the Chicago Bulls out of Marquette, eventually the idea was that he would replace Ronnie Brewer, and have a similar role within the bench mob. Now that Brewer is gone (and with him Kyle Korver, meaning 2/3 of the Chicago Jazz or Utah Bulls are now gone) it’s ready to happen.

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Kirk Hinrich will start for the Chicago Bulls tonight

Kirk Hinrich Wizards

The Chicago Bulls will begin the season without Derrick Rose, of course, but they won’t have to begin the year without Kirk Hinrich. He’s back with the Bulls after signing with the team as a free agent this offesason. He will start alongside Richard Hamilton, Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah tonight in the opener versus the Sacramento Kings.

Hinrich had been injured and missed significant time this exhibition season.

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Results of NBA GM Survey

sacramento kings cheerleaders

The results of NBA.com’s 11th annual GM Survey are in. NBA.com once again surveyed the General Managers of all 30 NBA teams, collecting their responses to over 50 questions associated with teams, players, coaches and more.  Entering the 2012-13 NBA season, GMs predict the Miami Heat will repeat as NBA Champions; LeBron James will once again take home MVP honors; and New Orleans ’ Anthony Davis will claim Rookie of the Year. 

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Indiana Pacers now selling ads on media box score printouts



It’s a tough economy out there. Gotta hustle for every dollar. Even those ultra-lucrative NBA beat reporter consumer dollars. The Indiana Pacers are playing well, there’s a gap between them and the soft underbelly of the Central Division. There’s also a gap between them and the Chicago Bulls.

Winning record aside, the Pacers are hurting at the gate- just one sellout this season. That’s unacceptable in a hoops INSANE place like Indiana.

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Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats: on pace for NBA’s worst season ever


It’s the very definition of irony. Not coincidence or “a bummer” mislabeled as irony, which you’ll hear from third-rate television and newspaper journalists everywhere. Michael Jordan, who won six titles with the Chicago Bulls, and is widely considered the greatest player in NBA history, has been an abject failure as an owner.

His NBA franchise, the Charlotte Bobcats, is 3-26 and on pace to have the worst season in NBA history. Talk about having a dichotomy in your legacy.

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Hornets Chris Paul Bombs on Family Feud (Video)

chris paul hornets

Welcome to NBA Lockout world, where lack of news happens. Chicago Bulls wing Kyle Korver saving the life of a snapping turtle was probably my favorite minor story becoming a major story of the lockout thus far. This might be #2.

You can still watch your favorite NBA stars play on television; just not play basketball.

New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul was on Family Feud yesterday and he performed- well very poorly. The Paul family lost to the O’Hara family, 358-70. CP3 doesn’t look impressive giving any of his answers in this clip put together by Daily Thunder.

(h/t to The Big Lead)

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Michael Jordan’s Golf Bag is AWESOME! Viva Bulls Glory Days

Look at that picture above. Click on it for the larger view. Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan has the greatest golf bag ever, and that says something because at this site we know a thing or two about golf bags. With all those rings, it looks so icy you can skate on it. Pictured is so much ice you’ll get chill bumps.

When you’re the greatest NBA player in history, you’re allowed to have a bag like Al Czervik, Rodney Dangerfield’s character in “Caddyshack.”

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