Kirk Herbstreit articulates the histrionics and egocentrism of National Signing Day


On February 1st, the day before Groundhog Day, a different annual right of passage, one with about as much accuracy and validity as February 2nd occurred in National Signing Day.

When asked to comment on the hoopla and hype concerning this ostentatious narcissism-fest, ESPN College Football analyst Kirk Herbstreit expressed his discontent over the craziness surrounding this day, the “all about me” attitudes and the “overblown theatrics” that these High School students exhibit over their self-imposed drama over which university’s ball cap they will chose.

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Ohio St. Lands Top 5 Class, Bret Bielema Calls Out Urban Meyer’s Tactics

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer’s first recruiting class at Ohio State is ranked 3rd or 4th in the nation, depending on who you ask. So much for being hurt by NCAA sanctions/the stain of Jim Tressel/Terrelle Pryor corruption. Meyer’s recruiting class and alleged lack of class has caught the attention of Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema.

The Badgers leader was asked Wednesday if he thought Meyer would change recruiting in the Big Ten and Bielema had some choice quotes. From CBS Chicago:

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Wolverines Land Top Recruiting Class in Big 10; Top 10 Nationally

michigan wolverines

The Wolverines Sugar Bowl win over Virginia Tech is reason for optimism, especially considering that it came in the first year of what many U of M fans hope is a long and illustrious tenure for head coach Brady Hoke. But it would be premature to say that Michigan is now ready to compete for national championships on a yearly basis.

(guest post from Christopher Johnson, Big Ten or

Yet unlike the previous three years, in which wolverines’ fans despaired over the failed Rich Rod experiment, the Maize and Blue appear to be trending upward. An 11-2 season was a good start, but Hoke has continued to impress by assembling what appears to be one of the nation’s top recruiting classes.

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Northwestern 2012 Recruiting Class has Some Top Notch Prospects


Happy National Signing Day. Northwestern’s 21 commits (the largest class of the Pat Fitzgerald era) hail from 10 states. The Wildcats signed 13 of their 21 players from three states—five from Pennsylvania, four from Illinois and four from Ohio. Scout ranks the class 5th in the Big Ten, 44th in the nation. Those numbers are higher than usual in Evanston.

In addition, Northwestern announced this past weekend the addition of highly touted wide receiver Kyle Prater (Maywood, Ill./Proviso West), who is transferring to Northwestern from USC. More on Prater here. His presence beefs up the class quite a bit. And there’s some top prospects in it, we’ll highlight the highlights of it.

Let’s start with the jewel of the class.

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DePaul, UIC Signing Day Synopsis

depaul blue demon

DePaul coach Oliver Purnell inked two players Wednesday to a National Letter of Intent with DeJuan Marrero and Jodan Price. Marrero is a 6’5” forward from Gary, Ind. and Price is a 6’7” guard/forward from Beverly Hills, Mich.

Marrero averaged 22.1 points and 15.3 rebounds per game as a junior at Gary’s Bowman Academy. The two-time member of the Times of Northwest Indiana All-Area first team played for the U18 national team for Puerto Rico at the 2010 FIBA Americas tournament. On the summer AAU circuit, Marrero played for Spiece Indy Heat and he is ranked among the top 50 players in the nation at his position and the top 15 players in Indiana by

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Gophers sign Wally Ellenson and Charles Buggs to National Letters of Intent

Minnesota Men’s Basketball coach Tubby Smith added two members to his class of 2012 on National Signing Day.

Wally Ellenson and Charles Buggs signed their National Letters of Intent with the Gophers on Wednesday.

Both players are versatile and will compete for spots the moment they step on campus next September.

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Michigan State Basketball Nets 3 on National Signing Day


Let’s take a break from the Penn State abomination/crisis and talk something less depressing, like college basketball national signing day. Michigan State basketball received the following three National Letters of Intent today, with more expected later:

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College Football National Signing Day: Your Team’s Future, Now

By Paul Schmidt and staff

This is almost like a holiday for many people, and doubles as the day that some people work the hardest.

I’m speaking, of course, of National Signing Day, when those football players who waffle all season long finally make a decision (or, as in the case of Terelle Pryor a couple of seasons ago, delay the inevitable for several days after signing day). Many schools will be disappointed after their teams lose commitments from players that they thought were in the bag, but hey, unlike basketball, this just happens in football.  You go steal someone else’s recruit and move on.

All day, I will be updating news and signings from ALL of the Big Ten’s teams, so check back here throughout the day for any new news.

Also, I should have some quotes from Ron Zook’s press conference later this afternoon, plus whatever goodies might come our way!

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DoucheBracket David K. Regional

Welcome to the d-bag bracket, a tournament deciding the most insufferable douchebags in all of sports. Please feel free to comment as much as possible, because your feedback will help determine who advances to the Final Four.
This is the bracket compiled by site Vice President David K.

1. Brett Favre as a Jet- This is not a shot at Favre himself, more a stab at how the entire Favre-Packers saga went down last summer.  This past year NEEDS to be permanently erased from my mind.


16. Cubs fans who blame Steve Bartman-
How about blaming Alex Gonzalez for his crucial error that allowed the flood gates to open instead of some poor guy who happened to try and catch a foul ball that was coming straight at him, just like the twenty people sitting around him?

8. “Acronym Signs”- Especially with TV Station Acronyms like ESPN, ABC, FOX.  Here’s one for you “Everyone Sucks and is Penned uNoriginal”  It especially chaps my ass when one of the letters is in the middle of the word like I have the ‘n.’


9. “Priceless Signs”- This piece of cardboard? 75 cents.  My friend’s face paint? $3  Never having to see one of these overdone signs ever again? Priceless


4. Around the Horn- Jay Mariotti… Woody Paige… Jackie MacMullen… screaming, yelling, talking over each other, not being funny, not having relative arguments… Tell me when to stop….


13. National Signing Day- Maybe it’s just because I am not a college football guy, but didn’t we know this guy was signing with our team when he verbally committed nine months ago?


5. Luke Harangody- Awkward, Doofus, Frankenstein, Baby are all words that come to mind when I think of Harangody.


12. Luke Harandgody’s fadeaway jump shot- As a person who appreciates the pure aspects of college basketball, Harandgody’s jump shot is the worst thing I have seen since Manute Bol.

3. Rachel Nichols- “After the game, Brett Favre told me… “  No he didn’t you short, non-blinking, over-acting, I only have this job because Diane Sawyer is my mother-in-law pathetic excuse for a sportscaster.  He told all of us during the press conference, not just you.


14. Mel Kiper Jr.- It is about more than just the ridiculous hair.  Has Mel ever admitted to being wrong about something?  No.  I would love to see Todd McShay pimp slap him sometime.

6. Fans who don’t take their hats off/are disrespectful during the National Anthem- It definitely is more annoying when it’s an adult, but shut your trap, put your cell phone away, take your hat off, and stand still for two minutes before the game begins.  It’s really not asking that much.


11. Fans who yell, “GET IN THE HOLE” after a drive or long iron shot- Hey, that was hilarious buddy… 15 years ago when the 7,429th guy did it.

7. T-Shirts under Basketball Jerseys- Why?  Seriously?  What are you, eight years old?  Don’t even get me started on the tight-fitting muscle tee’s under the jersey.


10. The Amount of Charges in College Basketball– I’ll allow my friend Quentin to speak on the matter: “Referees seem to have fallen so in love with the emphatic offensive foul call (buoyed by rambunctious home crowds that respond joyously to it) that whenever they see a defensive player flying backwards, the call is automatic to the point where I no longer even know what is or is not a true foul. The most egregious: two players are running side-by-side 30-feet from the basket, the defensive guy steps in front of the offensive player a half-step early, what gives him anymore right to that space than the man with the ball?”


2. “That Guy” in Fantasy Football- You know “That Guy”.  “That guy” who wants to tell you about how each of his player’s on his four teams did Monday morning at work.  “That guy” who has nothing else to talk to you about from the months of August-December other than fantasy football.  “That guy” who asks you every Friday who he should start.  I despise “That Guy.”


15. The two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl- Is it really necessary to add an extra week of hype to already the most over-hyped event of every year?  As if I need any more reasons NOT to watch SportsCenter.

National Signing Dayapalooza

By Paul M. Banks
National Signing Day, college football’s version of the NFL draft, continues to grow in popularity each year. The everyday causal football fan has now joined the hardcore college football nerd in following the day’s events. There are even parties thrown at sports bars and restaurants in honor of the event.

Yes indeed, there are that many people interested in going out on a February night to watch high school football highlights and learn where those kids are attending college.

This year, both Illinois and Northwestern had live streaming coverage of and special soirees for the first day that blue-chip recruits have an option to sign their letters of intent. The local sports media came out to Evanston in full force to see how much recruiting benefits NU Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald gained after a season where his team finished just one win shy of the school record.

It started and finished locally, with Northwestern receiving commitments from five Chicagoland recruits to go along with 13 signees from across the country. The Wildcats’ five local commits gives NU a total of 16 Chicagoland signees the past three years and ups their current roster of Illinois players to 34. “Our focus always begins and ends with Chicagoland and we are thrilled with the commitments we received from our local student-athletes,” said Fitzgerald.

Patrick Ward OT 6-7 285 Homer Glen, Ill./Providence Catholic is the jewel of the class. His father played on Illinois’ 1984 Rose Bowl team. “It’s critical to your success, recruiting is the lifeblood of your program…We feel like we filled our needs from a size, speed, and toughness standpoint, Fitzgerald said. Allen Trieu, a recruiting analyst for, called Northwestern’s 2009 signing class the “most underrated class” among Midwest FBS schools, while rated Fitz’s haul as middle-of-the-pack. The recruiting specialty site ranked the class 58th overall in the nation.