Milwaukee Bucks mistakes help Denver Nuggets end road woes

Carmelo Anthony

AP Photo/Jim Prisching

“We played hard, we just didn’t play well.”

Those words, said by Milwaukee Bucks coach Scott Skiles after the team’s 94-87 loss to the Denver Nuggets, are eerily similar to the phrase that Cleveland Cavaliers coach Byron Scott used to describe his team during its 26 game losing streak.

It makes sense coming from a team that is rebuilding, young, and just looking for any way to boost confidence. The Milwaukee Bucks are not extremely young, in transition as an organization, or lacking decent talent, which makes that statement all the more depressing heading into the 2011 NBA All-Star Break.

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Milwaukee Bucks analysis: John Salmons strikes back against Carmelo Anthony

John Salmons

AP Photo/Jim Prisching

The All-Star Break couldn’t have come faster for the Milwaukee Bucks. Led by Carmelo Anthony’s 38 points and 12 rebounds, the Denver Nuggets survived various charges by the depleted Bucks to head into the break with a 94-87 road victory.

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The Milwaukee Bucks at the All Star Break: Better than expected

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The Milwaukee Bucks end the first half on a hot streak

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The 2009-10 Milwaukee Bucks season has been a rollar coaster identity search sandwiched between two winning streaks. But what does that mean for their post-All-Star Break run? [Read more…]