ENOUGH! With Tiger Woods Media Overkill


By Paul M. Banks

Do we really care that much? Should we care that much? Do we have such empty and meaningless lives that the domestic squabbles of the Woods household matter infinitely more to us than everything else going on in the world? No! Make that NO! NO! NO! At least when the mainstream media was beating the healthcare issue to death, that was something relevant to our lives. Something that mattered. Even though (with the exception of Keith Olbermann) the MSM reported that issue with about as much accuracy as they did the run-up to the pre-emptive war in Iraq. But that’s another story. This time, it’s Michael Jackson all over again. It’s the sports news answer to Michael Jackson. It’s basically nothing but celebrity gossip masquerading as news, and I AM FREAKING SICK OF IT! Can we PLEASE move on to something else? It’s been almost a week now. WHOOOOOOOOO


The only remotely interesting things about this story are the snarky by-products resulting from it. Like this Daily Show clip below, the picture at the top of this posting, or this funny, parody news story.

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