Re-evaluating the NFC North QB wives/girlfriends


What follows isn’t a ranking or rating of any kind, but a list. I’ll let you decide for yourself which NFC North QB, the leader of the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, or Detroit Lions, landed the best arm-candy.

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Ways the Detroit Lions Can Achieve Six Wins Minimum


The Detroit Lions are a symbol of futility around the National Football League. Jim Schwartz and company are looking to change that perception this upcoming season. The Pittsburgh Pirates are seen much the same way in Major League baseball and have been buried in their division for well over a decade. In a strange scenario, the Detroit Lions have been penalized with such high draft picks because they have taken so much guaranteed money to get them suited up and into training camp. That is all about to change with a new collective bargaining agreement imminent.

The first thing that the Lions need to do is harness and develop all of the young talent that they have accumulated. This not only includes Ndamukong Suh of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, but also high draft picks in Jahvid Best and obviously Matthew Stafford. They are eager to prove themselves worthy at the highest level and they have demonstrated the ability to do so at every previous stop of their football journey.

By Patrick Herbert

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