Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Indoor Football Players Balance Careers, Athletic Dreams

chicago slaughter indoor football league

The sales manager drops back to pass. He’s looking for an opening somewhere, anywhere on the field when all of a sudden it happens.

The social worker finds a hole in the defense in the back of the end zone. He streaks toward it, the ball sailing high through the air and finally settling into his hands. 3,200 red-and-black clad fans leap to their feet, screaming and cheering as the social worker finds a lucky fan to give the ball to.

Randy Hutchison and Reggie Gray aren’t your average sales manager or social worker though. They’re professional football stars for the Chicago Slaughter of the Indoor Football League, earning about $250 a game to live out their childhood dreams. Players in the Arena Football League, the best of whom earned more than $200,000 before the league shut down for the 2009 season, now earn anywhere from $450-$1,000 per game – not nearly enough to live on.

By Matt Lindner

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