Emergence of the Cutter Shifts Power from Hitters to Pitchers in MLB

The cutter. A game saver, reviver, the magical pitch which can change a pitcher’s career. The pitch where home runs become strikeouts.
.Mariano Rivera isn’t the only one. How about 2010 Cy Young Roy Halladay? Or Josh Beckett’s recent dominance after suffering an injury-riddled 2010.
The White Sox John Danks, who had started the season with zero wins, has found his pitch. The pitch he introduced in 2008 and stopped since then. Now he started using it again, and since then, he is more dominant than he ever was.
The future Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera created the cut fastball and revolutionized baseball. Since the late ’90s, a myriad of hitters have approached the Yankees closer with looks of despair.

When hitters stepped up to the plate and laid their eyes on the sandman standing on the mound, they thought to themselves, “oh no, not this guy again” or “maybe I should have spent some additional time in the batting cages.”

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