#3 Oregon Ducks vs. #4 LSU Tigers: Brutally Honest Game Preview


The Oregon Ducks open up against the LSU Tigers at Cowboys Stadium Saturday night at 7pm CT. Talk about starting fast out of the gate! Two top 5 teams with national title aspirations, and one will go home with those championship hopes severely impaired. Forget warm-up cream puff scheduling in the non-conference. Let’s get right to it!

I’m adding a new wrinkle to the brutally honest game previews this year. I’ll still do two previews each week; only this time It’s going to be a nationally significant/sometimes out of region game in addition to the regional game I’ll be at the press box for. Not only is this the game of the week by miles and miles, it’s also the last two teams I previewed in my 77 in 77. That’s 77 college football teams in 77 days.

So let’s kick 2011 off!

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#6 LSU Tigers: College Football 77 in 77

Have you been following the news lately? The LSU Tigers could be facing a Category 2 storm of off-the-field issues. If they’re lucky, their problems could be downgraded to a Tropical Storm by conference season. LSU football players should have learned- what good can come from hanging out at a bar named Shady’s?

I bet even Marshall Mathers would agree with me. You can’t spell assault without the letters l-s-u and this incident forced me to move the Tigers down a few pegs. From USA Today:

The Baton Rouge Police Department’s view is that LSU starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson and reserve linebacker Josh Johns committed second-degree battery against two of four male non-football players that went to the hospital in the aftermath of a fight outside Shady’s Bar near campus on Aug. 19. One alleged victim has three fractured vertebrae and the other has bruises and scratches on their face and hands possibly from self defense, police say. Police have failed to update or detail the condition of the injured victims, though.

Upon request by police, Jefferson and Johns turned themselves in late Friday morning at East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. While they were being booked, Miles indefinitely suspended both players. They were later released on $5,000 bond by their attorney at the time, Nathan Fisher.

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