Press 1 for English: Should Ochocinco Leap Sì o`No?


By: Melissa S. Wollering

Even Bootsie Collins wouldn’t dream of walking onto Curly’s field to risk fandom, spilled beer, pocket knives, airhorns to the eardrum and angry, shirtless men painted green and gold just to do the Lambeau Leap.  So is Ochocinco serious?  I mean, really?  Speaking in the voice of Chad, who cares when it makes national headlines, right?

Call it a death wish, a disgrace, a football player’s secret fantasy or a publicity ploy, but this week’s game preview between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Green Bay Packers is being overshadowed by the loudest, Twitterpated, numero-named wide receiver in the league.

Sunday will be the Bengals’ first appearance at Lambeau in 14 years. Back in 1995, the Lambeau Leap was in its infancy stages, resembling a toddler in a Fischer Price bouncer on your living room floor.

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