College Football 77 in 77: #42 Auburn Tigers

auburn dance team

Here we go, we’re finally into the “real teams.” From here on out, no more programs from these four categories: a.) good, although obscure mid-major program

b.)  BcS conference team that has fallen from grace

c.) college basketball powerhouse where college football is an overlooked afterthought.

d.) big glut of ACC mediocrity and Big East below average junk.

Because that’s what the 70s, 60s, and 50s are all about in the 77 in 77s. But from now on, it’s looking up. So may wonder, what are the defending national champion Auburn Tigers doing here down this low? Well, out of 22 starters on both sides of the ball, they return 5. Yes, a whopping five. They have to break in 3/4 of a new secondary, pretty much an entire new OL and receiving corps. And replace Nick Fairley, the most dominating DL in football last year and quarterback Cam Newton, the #1 overall pick/Heisman Trophy…so uhm yeah, this is a rebuilding year.

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