Michigan State (10-2) Beats Northwestern in Game they Didn’t Need

kirk cousins

By beating Northwestern today 31-17, Michigan State achieved…well they actually achieved all the big important stuff before arriving in Evanston, IL. Last week, they secured a berth to the inaugural Big Ten championship game in Indianapolis. And since beating the Wisconsin/Penn State winner (probably Wisconsin) is their one and only path to the BCS, this game meant very little in the grand scheme of things.

But don’t say that to Coach Mark D’Antonio and/or his players. Despite taking Thursday practice off, MSU came in fired up to win this game. They gave it “the ol’ college try.”

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Mark Dell Continues Michigan State’s Glorious WR Tradition


Now that undefeated and #5 ranked Michigan State football is having their best season since the 1966 national title year, it’s time to re-examine their very proud tradition at the wide receiver position.

Of all the position groups on the gridiron, certainly receiver is where MSU can boast their biggest names: Andre Rison, Muhsin Muhammad, Derrick Mason, Plaxico Burress, Kirk Gibson (although he really made his name in another sport), Courtney Hawkins, Charles Rogers, Mark Ingram, Chris Baker, the list goes on and on. You can even make a pretty good shirt list of just the guys that wore #1 in East Lansing.

Senior Mark Dell is keeping the trend going. MSU’s leader in receiving yards this season ranks 12th in MSU history with 1,759 receiving yards (16.9 avg., good for 16th) and 20th in career receptions with 104. And he also has the 5th highest single game receiving yards total in State history (202 vs. California in ’08)

“We’re definitely blessed at being in the same program, we’re just trying to keep on the great tradition that they left, like you said: Muhsin Muhammad, Andre Rison, Devin Thomas, Blair White is doing really well too,” Dell said after I caught up to him at Northwestern.

By Paul M. Banks

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