Los Angeles Clippers look to take next step this off-season

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I’d say, “they’re back” but let’s be honest; the Los Angeles Clippers were never truly here to begin with.  For just the fifth time since the franchise made the move across country to the west coast, the Clips made the post-season, even advancing to the semifinals.  The arrival of Chris Paul played a major role in the team stepping out of the shadow of the Lakers.  However, there are still some moves to be made this off-season if the Clippers are going to take the next step of emerging as a legit Western Conference title contender.

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2011 NBA Free Agent Power Forward Rankings

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With the NBA Lockout coming to an end, we now know that teams can start signing free agents on December 9th.  Like the NFL experienced once their lockout ended, there will be a frenzy period for teams to fill out rosters with the season tipping off on Christmas.

With the new labor agreement, there are some changes to NBA free agency.  A player can only receive a four-year maximum deal (five-year deal if they re-sign with their current team) and beginning in the 2013-14 season, teams will start receiving a harsher luxury tax penalty if they exceed the salary cap.  Teams will now only have three days to match an offer sheet for one of their restricted free agents.  Also, some names will be added to free agency after teams decide which players will be released under the one-time amnesty clause option.

With the salary cap expected to be around $58 million, half of the teams will under that number and have room to sign free agents.  Check out the bottom of the page to see which teams have space and how much.

Here is a look at the top free agent power forwards, where they might sign, and what kind of payday they will receive.

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2011 NBA Free Agent Power Forward Rankings

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There is no Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, or Carlos Boozer in this off-season of NBA free agent power fowards like there was a summer ago.  However, Mr. Kim Kardashian (aka Kris Humphries) is on the market as too is David West who announced that he will opt out of the final year of his deal with the New Orleans Hornets.  Here are my free agent power forward rankings and a list of which teams could be interested in their services.

UPDATED: 6/28/11

By: David Kay

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