Jordan Crawford: more than ‘the guy who dunked on LeBron’

jordan crawford

By Paul M. Banks and David Kay

In the world of college basketball, Xavier’s Jordan Crawford is known first and foremost for one thing: the guy who dunked on LeBron during a pick up game at King James’ Skills Academy this past summer. The dunk created a hullabaloo when Nike confiscated the tapes. A kajillion dollar shoe corporation may have tried to censor Crawford’s game, but the NBA is still well aware of what he can do, and by this NBA Draft, so will everyone else.

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Midwest Swing 2nd Round Edition

buzz georgia tech mascot

By Paul M. Banks

MILWAUKEE- So far the most entertaining exchange of the first half of the “Midwest Swing” tour took place down the stretch of Pittsburgh-Xavier. My press row seat placed me in the midst of a trash talk cross-fire between drunk Xavier fans in the Bradley Center’s third row and Pitt’s mascot “Roc”. They taunted him with “we’re going to shut you up Roc!” So when Pitt cut Xavier’s previously double digit lead down to one, the big cat got up and gave the fans the “you want some of this?” motion. Later he added the similar “come and get me” gesture. Classic. Just classic. Security even had to stop Roc, and give him a stern talking to.

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