Illinois, Arizona gone Downhill since Miracle on Mannheim

Today’s link comes to us from Hail to the Orange, the SB Nation Illini blog. And one of the finest Illini blogs around. Remember UI did invent the web browser, so of course there’s bound to be some good weblogs out there, right? Joe Kutsunis’ link recaps the infamous 90-89 OT thriller Elite 8 game in 2005 (the “Champaign Campaign”) and where everyone has gone since. Unfortunately for the Illini and Arizona Wildcats, it’s been down.

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What the Illini Must do to Make the Tournament

If you’re an Illini fan with a fever for a NCAA Tournament berth, the prescription isn’t more cowbell, it’s this analysis from our friend at Joe Kutsunis at Hail to the Orange: home of the Blogging Illini. He lays out the road map to having the Illini in March Madness.

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