#37 Washington Huskies: College Football 77 in 77

washington huskies cheerleaders

The Washington Huskies are back to respectability. Back to back bowl appearances and 7-6 seasons makes them improved from where they were, but when will they take the next step? Is Steve Sarkisian the guy to get them there? He’s definitely done alright so far, but this team team is still a far cry from Stanford or Oregon in the Pac 12 North. Especially with that porous defense.

But they have one thing going for them that the pro team in Seattle does not- resolution at the quarterback position. While the Seahawks will have to figure it out between Russell Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson and Matt Flynn, the Huskies have Keith Price, one of the best in the nation.


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College Football 77 in 77: #58 Connecticut Huskies

uconn huskies cheerleader

When it comes to the Connecticut Huskies, it’s hard not to think of college basketball ahead of college football. In hoops, they’re the reigning national champions, even though they’re likely to be facing some heavy sanctions soon. The football team is obviously not as successful as the basketball squad, but they’re also not as slimy and corrupt either.

UConn became possibly the worst BCS team in history last season, mostly because the Big East had to send somebody. The Huskies are an often overlooked program because they haven’t been in D1 all that long, but they have been bowling every year since 2006, won the conference in ’07 (just like last year) and are one of the most up-and-coming programs in all of college football.

This year will be a transition though, as they have a new coach in Paul Pasqualoni. Randy Edsall has moved on to take the Maryland Terrapins job.

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