In Gophers Big Ten Opener, Halftime Draws Most of the Attention

By Mike Gallagher

The Gophers basketball team got off to a good conference start on Tuesday, with a 75-70 win over Tailor Battle and Penn State.

The Gophers got a great performance out of Lawrence Westbrook, who matched his career high with 29 points.

In all reality, this was a game the Gophers should win nine of ten times, especially if they’re going to be in the top half of the conference when tourney time is upon us.  Maybe the fact that the Gophers weren’t playing Michigan State or Purdue is part of the reason that the people aren’t focusing much on the game, but thinking more about what happened after the first half of it.  It also could be the fact that the halftime events were monumental not only for the program, but for a man that was once a giant in this town.

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