College Football 77 in 77: #76 Indiana Hoosiers

hoosiers cheerleader

To say that Indiana University is a college basketball haven but at the same time a dead zone for football is kind of like saying that porn star/stripper/target of Anthony Weiner lust Ginger Lee is a bit skanky; an obvious understatement.

There’s a serious drought going on in Tom Crean’s hoops program, but unfortunately for the gridiron Hoosiers, they’ve done nothing to pick up the slack and get the fanbase focused on college football.

At least they were fun to watch last year. They threw the ball all over the place for big yards, but unfortunately at the same time, their running game and defense was a train wreck. (What else is new in Bloomington?)

Oh yeah, the head coach

Regime change comes suddenly, but big progress takes time as Kevin Wilson takes over at IU.

By Paul M. Banks

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Link Bank 6-8-11: Women of Weinergate Photos, Agents at University of Texas


Pictured above is Gennette Cordova (left), the 21-year-old college student who originally helped to get this Weinergate thing started. But in this post, you’ll get to see photos of all the main accusers. And wait till you see the pic of Representative Anthony Weiner (D- NY) with his cats, and his provocative photo title. Hilarious. Party on!

-Up next after Cordova is Meagan Broussard (pictured below), the 26-year-old Texan who received of Weiner’s (D – NY) sexts, has a MLB connection. (Busted Coverage)

“Her brother, Ben Broussard, played seven seasons in the bigs with the Cleveland Indians, Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers. If you’ve never heard of him, you’re probably not alone…Broussard, a former second-round draft pick of the Cincinnati Reds, batted a middle-of-the-road .263 during his career. His last season in the majors was 2008, when he played in only 26 games. His Twitter account has been silent since June 2.”

By Paul M. Banks

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Link Bank 6-2-11: Weinergate, Ginger Lee, Maria Sharapova, Blake Lively

Maria Sharapova is back in the French Open semifinals. Basically, with everything she’s done to market herself off the court, and how everything appears to be clicking in personal life the past couple years- she’s someone who doesn’t suck at life. I know a lot of people who do suck at life, but I know very few who are the opposite- like her. (Tampa

-Internet weirdoes and perverts, I regret to inform you that your Blake Lively nude pics are fake. (The Superficial)

By Paul M. Banks

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