Tony Parker, Eva Longoria, Erin Barry Re-enact Grease (Music Video)


It’s kind of sad that Billy Joel divorced from the woman he wrote “Just the way you are” about. It’s probably among the most mushiest and melodramatic love songs of all time. And the real life situation not working out is just tragic.

This situation on the other hand, is just unintentionally hilarious! At the time this video was made, it was cutesy funny. Today, with the divorce of NBA superstar Tony Parker and actress Eva Longoria in the works, this music video is pure schadenfreude!

This remake of Grease’s “Summer Lovin” stars Parker, Longoria, the Spurs mascot Coyote, and yes Erin Barry, the “other woman” in the sexting saga. It was originally made in 2009 to aid the Spurs marketing efforts.

erin barry, brent barry's wife

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Brent Barry Divorced, Tony Parker’s Mistress Erin Barry Now Single

erin barry, brent barry's wife

You might remember Erin Barry, as the other woman implicated in bitter divorce between NBA superstar Tony Parker and Eva Longoria. She herself was married to a NBA baller; until today when the announcement of their divorce was made final.

According to Famecrawler:

If the whole infidelity thing wasn’t bad enough, the fact that Brent Barry was Tony Parker’s former team mate took the betrayal to a whole new level.

Brent Barry will pay ex-wife Erin Barry child support until 2013, and they will share custody of their two children.

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Erin Barry Publicly Denies Carrying on Affair with Tony Parker


You remember Erin Barry, right? “The Other Woman” in the Tony Parker-Eva Longoria love triangle. The wife of Parker’s former teammate Brent Barry. The recipient of hundreds of “SEXTS” and allegedly the final straw that broke the camels’ back (the camel being the marriage between the NBA superstar and the Hollywood actress), Barry claims to just have been just friends with Parker. The media storm is about to get stronger.

Erin claims that despite a whole lotta SEXTING going on, there was no freakin’ going down.

Sure, and the Kansas City Royals are going to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates in the World Series next fall.

By Paul M. Banks

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