Rangers-Capitals Game 3 Just Gets Better and Better

No doubt, today’s game between the Rangers and the Capitals was one hell of a contest. After 2 mundane games, the Caps led the series 2-0 before the start of Game 3 and it was about time the Rangers brought their game back.

“If we get something good to happen to us, hopefully it goes through the team and allows them to play and feel good about themselves,” John Tortorella said to reporters before the game. “…It’s something you don’t map out, because it’s here [in your head], and no one knows what goes on there, not only individually but collectively. We’ve just got to stay within ourselves, and collectively stay with each other and try to get some good things to happen for us.”

Well they tried, and they succeeded. Good things were happening all over the place in today’s game. And the result? A Rangers win. A last minute (literally) goal by Dubinsky, won the game for New York at 3-2 and the Rangers finally skated off the ice with deserving smiles on their faces.

From broken sticks and injured referees, to disallowed goals and an incredible third period, this game was anything but mundane.

By Harrini Krishnan

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