Drake Dunsmore, Jeremy Ebert becoming Dan Persa’s Favorite Targets


Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald’s Northwestern teams are great on the road in conference play, and usually get better as the season goes on. In his young coaching career, he is 9-4 in November. However, the flip side of that shows his teams losing at lot of games in the early preconference that the Cats have no business losing.

See Div 1-AA New Hampshire and Nevada in ’06, Duke in ’07 and Syracuse last year. And the “Cardiac Cats” have some ugly wins/narrow escapes against vastly inferior opponents in September too. See the opener against Vanderbilt this year, Eastern Michigan last season, Duke in ’08 and Nevada in ’07.

Maybe the key to reaching the proverbial “mid season form” this year will be finding good chemistry between the quarterback and the receivers earlier in the season. This year the Cats have to replace their top two wideouts. But it’s a better situation than the ’08 transition to ’09 when they had to replace their top three receivers.

QB Dan Persa is leading the nation in both completion percentage and passing efficiency. Contributing to these amazing numbers is superback Drake Dunsmore and wide receiver Jeremy Ebert.

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