Brewers GM on Prince Fielder: “We’ve Had to Move On”

prince fielder free agent

Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in a little more than a month and Prince Fielder still has not signed a free agent deal with any MLB team.  Some Milwaukee Brewers‘ fans are hoping that as long as teams drop out of the Fielder sweepstakes and he remains on the open market, there is a glimmer of hope that he might return to Milwaukee even if it is just for a one-year deal.  However, Brewers general manager Doug Melvin said Monday night that Fielder will not be a Brewer next season and that the team is still awaiting word on Ryan Braun‘s suspension.

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Milwaukee Brewers Attempt to Weather the Loss of Rickie Weeks

The Milwaukee Brewers may have swept the border-rival Chicago Cubs, but it was an injury to second baseman Rickie Weeks on Wednesday night which has the entire city buzzing.

According to Brewers Assistant General Manager Gord Ash, Weeks has a “severe ankle sprain,” and could miss anywhere from three-to-six weeks.

Weeks injury is a huge loss for one of the league’s middling offenses. If Rickie is forced to miss up to six weeks, it could put the Brewers in a hole they won’t be able to dig their selves out of. [Read more…]

Milwaukee Brewers Weekly Check-In (4-25-11)

If you’re not one of those baseball nerds who follows every single thing going on in the Milwaukee Brewers Organization, don’t worry, because The Sports Bank’s Nick Grays has you covered with what happened in the past week and what’s going on in the future.

And if you are one of those nerds, feel free to join in on some good old analysis of America’s pastime in the Brew City.

This week we talk about the surprisingly pleasant series with the Phillies, big money for Ryan Braun and an upcoming series with the rival Reds!

By: Nick Grays

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Analyzing the Milwaukee Brewers Off-Season

Missing the playoffs in the last two seasons has felt like a wasted opportunity for the Milwaukee Brewers organization. While boasting one of the best offenses in the major leagues in 2009 and 2010, the Brewers have finally realized the need to bolster their lackluster pitching rotation.

With hard-hitting Prince Fielder in the last year of his contract, the Brewers have pushed all of their chips in to add starting pitchers Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum.

With pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training on Wednesday, let’s take a closer look at the blockbuster deals and a couple of other transactions the Brewers partook in to make the pitching better during the off-season.

By: Nick Grays

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Brewers Show Suppan the Door, Pump Arms from AAA Pipeline

Jeff Suppan
It’s now quite clear. The Milwaukee Brewers front office is putting its confidence in younger arms. Four years and $42M later, the club releases starting pitcher Jeff Suppan in favor of some farm system hopefuls and anyone whose names begin with Chris, John, Kameron or Zach.

The Brewers organization will pay Jeff Suppan upwards of $10M not to play. That’s including a $2M buyout of a 2011 club option.  Milwaukee is paying Suppan more to go home and watch the game than pitching legend Warren Spahn reportedly earned throughout his lifetime career.

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Brewers Debut ‘War Room’ in Crucial Draft

Ryan Braun Draft Card

There’s never been a better time for Milwaukee to declare war. Monday, June 7 is the first of three days in the 2010 First-Year Player Draft and may be the organization’s most important draft in years.

The Brewers farm system is currently thin in future pitching prospects, devoid of Prince Fielders-in-the-making and could certainly use some fast-growing talent, as each Class draws from the one below to replenish the sieve that is the Crew’s Big League roster this season. AAA Nashville has been your Aunt Gertrude’s four-legged walker, carrying the Brewers through May. So bring on Miller Park’s all-new War Room–aptly named for the place club personnel plan to draft the Milwaukee Brewers’ future.

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Doug Melvin’s wacky pitching experiment deserves MLB consideration

Doug Melvin

Baseball decisions are often made based on percentages, and the sabermetric movement has fostered some unorthodox theories in the eyes of purists and the average fan.

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Can the Brewers Farm System Save the Season?

John Axford

Marco Estrada, Zack Braddock, John Axford and Jonathan Lucroy.  These are not names you necessarily expected to see playing in the majors for the Milwaukee Brewers this season.

However, after a series of disappointing performances by veterans, injuries to Doug Davis, Gregg Zaun and others and no where else to turn, Doug Melvin and Ken Macha choose to raid their farm system and bring some good ol’ boys up. Will it work?

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Brewers Invest in Their Future Ace: Yovani Gallardo

By: Melissa S. Wollering

Good pitching has long been hard to come by for the Milwaukee Brewers. On Thursday, the organization signed its home-grown starter in the rotation, Yovani Gallardo, to a five-year $30.1 million extension and held a press conference to boot.

It’s more solid than say…gunning to sign Prince Fielder. Do we want to find another 1B? No. But can we find another 1B who is serviceable for less? Yes. Let’s face it: arms, especially potential aces, are much harder to find and keep.

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Can the Milwaukee Brewers Wheel & Deal Corey Hart?

By: Melissa S. Wollering

Earlier this week, we told you Corey Hart’s starting position in right field was up in the air for Opening Day. Now we’ve learned the Brewers organization tried to off-load Hart on Washington and pick-up free agent Jermaine Dye, but couldn’t come up with an agreement that satisfied.

If Hart stays with Milwaukee, fans will have to be satisfied with a .127 batting average (Hart’s numbers in Spring Training) and Jim Edmonds will likely see more playing time. As we discussed earlier this week, the thorn in the organization’s side is that Hart won his arbitration session this season the Brewers are now paying the Spring Training slumper $4.8M. Doug Melvin probably wanted something for Hart, but if they had decided to release him before Opening Day, the Brewers would have only been responsible for one-quarter his salary. [Read more…]

Mauer Keeps it Small Market, Gives Fielder Fans Hope

By: Melissa S. Wollering

Prince Fielder and Joe Mauer are two very different MLB players.  The one thing they could have in common—a desire to buck the trend of big market baseball and stay with their respective clubs, steering clear of the free agent market free-for-all. 

If Joe Mauer’s eight-year $184 million deal Sunday sounded a lot like Mark Teixeira’s, your memory serves you correctly. As Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio walked around Maryvale Ballpark in Arizona Monday, his checkbook was probably burning a hole in his pocket. But before he pulls out his pen, Mark knows three things matter when it comes to Fielder: Milwaukee’s ability to cough up a comparable chunk of coin, the projected long-term success of the ballclub and the returning talent on its roster. [Read more…]

Milwaukee Brewers Possess First Real Pitching Rotation in Years

By: Melissa S. Wollering

Ben Sheets is filled with rage.  CC Sabathia has raised his eyebrows, slightly impressed. Rollie Fingers is rejoicing from his leather lounger and the Pittsburgh Pirates now feel utterly-and-completely-screwed as opposed to just sort-of-screwed.  Doug Melvin has assembled the first real starting pitching rotation Milwaukee Brewers fans have seen in years.

The starting rotation could look similar to this: Randy Wolf, Yovani Gallardo, Doug Davis, Manny Parra, Dave Bush. If Jeff Suppan is used in a middle relief capacity, he could eat up the innings Manny Parra can’t quite finish. When the injury bug bites, put Suppan in.  Go ahead.  Or call up Chris Narveson.

This arrangement looks so normal, I’m almost baffled. It is not superb, but it is satisfactory.  It is decent. It is adequate. It is, daresay, pleasing.  It actually doesn’t suck. All season, I’ll be waiting for the floor to drop out from beneath this. I remain in moderate disbelief, sprinkled with feelings of shock and awe.  Yes, please pick my jaw up from the ground. Thank you. [Read more…]