Thankfully Football Saves Us From Football

Stephen A.Smith

Everything gets pushed aside for the start of NFL training camps.

Is Kevin Love getting traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Not nearly as important as a cocky, highly questionable rookie quarterback for the lowly Cleveland Browns. The size of the most recent Jose Abreu home run? Psshh.

Was it bigger than Jay Cutler’s new shaggin’ wagon?

Much like the way the commencement of baseball Spring Training fills us with a sort of revitalizing vigor every year, this version of the start of the NFL season (not to be confused with the draft or minicamp or the Hall of Fame Game or your team’s first preseason game or the third preseason game that’s like almost real football or the Thursday game of Week 1 or Sunday of Week 1 the next week) stirs up those savage desires to watch controlled violence.

Football makes everything better.

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Badgers’ Jordan Taylor Up For the Eddie Sutton Award

On Friday, Wisconsin Badgers starting point guard Jordan Taylor was named a finalist for the new Eddie Sutton Tustenugee Award, given to the player who best shows tenacity and unselfishness on the court.

Taylor joins California’s Jorge Gutierrez, Butler’s Matt Howard, Duke’s Kyle Singler and Arizona’s Derrick Williams as the five finalists for the inaugural national player of the year honor.

The winner will be awarded on May 7th at the Tulsa Sports Charities “Legends in Sports Dinner” in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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