VOTE NOW! Anti-Bracket, Milton Bradley Regional

The Final Four of the Milton Bradley Bracket is upon and it is time to unveil the biggest losers.  And unlike the TV show, this is not a good thing.  Remember, this is my opinion; this is no one else’s opinion, but mine.  But that is the great thing about the Anti-Bracket (formerly known as the Douche Bracket)… you get to vote on my opinion.

So, let’s get moving.  The final two matches of the Milton Bradley bracket are below.

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VOTE NOW! The Sports Bank Anti-Bracket Ty Cobb Regional Finals

The Ty Cobb Regional featured some stiff competition among losers. Brett Favre, Kurt Rambis, Harvey Updyke, Charlie Sheen and David Kahn highlighted the regional’s biggest failures. Much like the NCAA Tournament, the first two rounds featured some epic upsets and some orgasmic finales that would have made Gus Johnson keel over into a giant puddle of awesome-sauce.

By Peter Christian

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