DePaul Wins a Big East Road Game! Huzzah and Hallelujah!

The reign of terror is over! 25 game conference losing streak no more! The DePaul Blue Demons have actually won a Big East game. And a road game for the first time in 31 tries. What a joyous night this is for Chicago college basketball.

The world was a very different place in 2008, the last time the Demons won on the road- Jerry Wainwright was coach, cell phone calls not text messaging was the dominant form of communication, a lot of people, but not everybody had a Twitter account, a ton of people were on Facebook, but not every single person, and some people still had telephone land lines.

But today is historical, as the Demons beat Providence 79-76 at the Dunkin Donuts Center. Yes, one of the most horribly named arenas in all of sport is witness to this moment.

Here are some highlights to the Twitterverse reacting to this win:
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Oliver Purnell’s DePaul Stint Begins with Begins by Blowing Out Chicago State

oliver purnell

The first game of the Oliver Purnell era at DePaul will be described in the college basketball history books as perhaps: sloppy, uneven, foul-heavy, fast-paced, high-scoring and extremely high-energy.

DePaul beat Chicago State beat 114-81 in their opener, an excellent redemption after an embarrassing loss in their lone exhibition versus Lewis.

“It’s only the first game so I don’t want to get all that excited for it. The freshmen are all excited because it’s their first college win, and I’m happy for them but we still need to grind it out all season,” said Demons leading returning scorer Mike Stovall.

Given the fast pace of this game, I half-expected Kyle Lee Watson to get into a fist-fight with Birdie at some point.

(The shootout championship in “Above the Rim”…did that film reference not work? Should I have said Duane Martin vs. Tupac Shakur? Anyway that fictional basketball game is the only game of hoops I’ve seen which moved as fast as this one)

By Paul M. Banks

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