Bears QB Jay Cutler-Kristin Cavallari Wedding is OFF! Congratulations to Both!


Wow, I can’t get over how many things I have in common with Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler these days: being an aloof, arrogant a**hole, being proud of being such an a**hole, failing to become a Super Bowl quarterback in life and now…and engagement that never even made it to the wedding.

That’s right Cutler, everyone’s favorite TOUGH GUY quarterback applied the breaks on his relationship with “star” of “The Hills” (can I get bigger air-quotes for this situation?) Kristin Cavallari. Apparently, Jay had second thoughts as the couple has been squabbling more and more (I have a GREAT off the record story for you on that, I saw it go down outside La Trattoria in April). But it did seem kind of fast, getting engaged after just six months of dating.

Kudos to both of them for doing this now, and avoiding divorce court later.

But you can check out lots of photos of Cavallari here

Cavallari’s Twitter account has been silent on the matter thus far.

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