Policing Baseball: Macha Gets Wish, Venters Suspended

Prince Fielder

Milwaukee Brewers Manager Ken Macha is really angry.  Finally.  And Major League Baseball did something about it Monday afternoon.

After Braves’ Jonny Venters threw a breaking ball over Prince Fielder’s head Saturday, he drilled Prince in the back, hard. Fielder had hit a game-tying homer in his previous at-bat. That puts the Prince at 14 plunks this season, third in all of baseball and two behind teammate Rickie Weeks, who leads all of baseball with 17.

Manager Ken Macha could be angry about a number of things going on with his Milwaukee Brewers. Regardless, Ken Macha is putting his foot down on Major League Baseball for failing to police pitchers for intentionally drilling hitters. Major League Baseball responded by suspending Venters for four games and fining him an undisclosed amount and suspending Braves’ Manager Bobby Cox for one game.

By: Melissa S. Wollering

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