Los Angeles Clippers look to take next step this off-season

blake griffin chris paul

I’d say, “they’re back” but let’s be honest; the Los Angeles Clippers were never truly here to begin with.  For just the fifth time since the franchise made the move across country to the west coast, the Clips made the post-season, even advancing to the semifinals.  The arrival of Chris Paul played a major role in the team stepping out of the shadow of the Lakers.  However, there are still some moves to be made this off-season if the Clippers are going to take the next step of emerging as a legit Western Conference title contender.

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Griffin and Gordon Try to Change the Clipper Culture

Blake Griffin Clippers

The Clippers have had one winning season in the past 17 years.  No wonder they are the laughing stock of the NBA.  But with building blocks like Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon, the franchise is inching its way in the right direction and hoping to shake their losing culture.

By: David Kay
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