Cleveland Cavaliers Knock off the Los Angeles Lakers? Yes, Really


The last time the Cleveland Cavaliers played the Los Angeles Lakers, they were nearly doubled up on the scoreboard. When I saw the 112-57 final following that first meeting, I thought it was a mistake. I know the Cavs are bad, but how on Earth do you lose an NBA game by 55 points?

So knowing what happened in the last meeting, you would say heading into last night’s match up between the two teams that the probability of the Cavs pulling the upset was about as likely as Congress agreeing on healthcare.

So then a healthcare solution everyone agrees on is forthcoming, right? Not likely, but the Cavaliers did achieve the unthinkable Wednesday night-they beat the mighty Lakers-and that’s NOT a misprint.

By Adam Satorius

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Cleveland Cavaliers Break their own NBA Record Losing Streak!

Get ready for another round of the much-deserved “Cleveland is the most tortured sports city of all” type stories. It’ll be exactly like what the media produced following Lebron James’ official departure. Perhaps Joe Posnanski will write another piece about how everything in Cleveland has a depressing (or at least slightly dark) sounding name.

With a total of 52 games played this season, the Cleveland Cavaliers are 8-44. That is the worst record in the NBA. They have lost 25 consecutive games, which ties a franchise record and the NBA’s all-time record set by….guess who? the ‘81-‘82 and the ‘82-‘83 Cavaliers!

Like someone who really needs to hit the stairmaster, Cleveland desperately needs to strengthen their Cavs.

They lost 96-99 tonight in Dallas. Congrats Mark Cuban, you’re the next person who gets to set Cleveland aflame like the Cuyahoga River.

By Paul M. Banks and Raymond Stokes

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