Potential destinations for Kyrie Irving in 2016

Kyrie Irving With Girls

Cleveland Cavaliers fans can still remember how painful it was to see LeBron James announcing that he would take his talents off of the Cleveland and to the South Beach, joining forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Unfortunately for them, they might experience a similar feeling once again, in about two years from now. Superstar point guard Kyrie Irving doesn’t seem like he is eager to stay in Cleveland after the end of the 2015 – 2016 season.

At that time, Irving will be a restricted free agent and of course, a lot of things might have changed in the team and Irving’s plans for his future. Nonetheless, if he does part ways with the Cavs, these are the teams he could end up joining. [Read more…]

Cleveland Cavaliers Don’t Need to Choose Between Kyrie Irving & Derrick Williams

Since the NBA Draft lottery was held last month, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been on the clock. The Cavs have also supposedly been deciding which of the consensus top two picks to take with the first overall pick.

“Kyrie Irving or Derrick Williams?” has been the question within the Cavaliers organization, the city of Cleveland, the NBA Nerds heads, etc. for the past 4 weeks or so. If the Cavs were smart, they wouldn’t have to choose.

Instead, they could have them both.

By Peter Christian

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