Despite all those HORRIBLE contracts, Cubbies not dead in 2011, 2012


It’s very rare that this site does the whole excerpt-a-piece and tell you to read the whole thing post. But then again, this is no ordinary Baseball Prospectus article. Christina Kahrl’s “Prospectus Perspective: A Wrigley Rebuild?” is a must read for Chicago Cubs and MLB fans alike.  She lays out the case for how all that bad money the Cubs front office has thrown after bad money after bad money doesn’t doom them in the NL Central like you may believe it does.

It’s an adjective, metaphor and imagery-rich article, and she really caught my attention when I heard 670 The Score’s Dan Bernstein reading it on the air; especially this line

After all, money will still be made, Recession or no, because there are still enough trust funders knocking around Lakeview, the Corn Belt’s Riviera, to keep their sozzled watch with semi-indifference.

Wow. As a Lakeview East resident, with a Lake Shore Drive mailing address no less, I guess I really have to finally acknowledge the idea that everyday I’m surrounded by a lost generation with old money roots. Thanks Christina! Now that you’ve made me acutely aware that so many of my neighbors are indolent in the insouciance of their existential being. This revelation should help me greater appreciate the fact that my home is in actuality a bacchanalian refuge, an upscale mecca for the manor-born to live out their purposeless lives!

Anyways, on to the Cubs and the article:

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