Cam Newton: Most Polarizing Player in College Football


Write any piece about scandal in college football these days, and you’ll inevitably hear from somebody who gets offended and then relates the situation to Cam Newton. Some will even ask you to write about “Scam Newton” (or better yet, $cam Newton) instead of the topic you covered. Or maybe you’ve seen the graphic of the “Camburglar,” which depicts the Heisman winning QB as the famous McDonald’s Hamburglar character, except he’s heisting a lap top instead of hamburgers.

At BCS Championship game media day, a reporter brought up how Auburn was not greeted very warmly at the airport; AU Coach Gene Chizik blatantly dodged the question by bringing up the Tigers’ die-hards that were on hand.

And it’s true- Auburn has plenty of fans; but man oh man, do they have their detractors too.

By Paul M. Banks

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Auburn QB Cam Newton: Soon to be Ruled Ineligible?


I’m a huge admire of Fanhouse college football writer Clay Travis. So much so that I even had him on here as an interview guest. I enjoy his work, especially on the occasions that he discusses the elephant in the room. Actually, he’ll invite the elephant over to the main table and get him to start dancing on the table and making a spectacle for the whole room. And sometimes we need that. Like right now.

Auburn QB Cam Newton is the runaway front-runner for the Heisman. And his undefeated Tigers are in the thick of the national title race. Therefore the NCAA investigation of him could end up  dwarfing the Reggie Bush scandal.

Travis believes he’ll be ruled ineligible and all the AU wins he led them to will be vacated.

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