Detailed Decline in Carlos Boozer’s Game, Any Hope to Rebound?

carlos boozer

The Chicago Bulls and the L.A. Lakers have the same exact problem this NBA postseason. They have to rely too heavily on their star guard (Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant) because their “star” players at the four, Carlos Boozer and Pau Gasol are just not getting it done.

It got so bad in Chicago that Bulls fans mercilessly booed Boozer during his game two disaster that included 4-12 shooting on offense and a train wreck on defense. This offseason, Boozer signed a 5-year contract estimated at $80 million, the richest in team history.

So when you look at how bad these playoffs have been for him, that deal looks a lot like the Cubs’ all-time most expensive player contract (Alfonso Soriano) and we all know what a disaster that is.

By Paul M. Banks

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Chicago Bulls Looking for Game 2 Vengeance on Atlanta Hawks

luvabulls dancers

Yay. Derrick Rose won the MVP. Let’s celebrate. Yay.

Okay, time to get back to things that are actually, you know, important. Saying the Bulls laid an egg in Game one is an insult to laying eggs.

The Bulls absolutely dominated the Hawks in the regular season winning two out of three games with a margin of victory of 25.5 points. In the game they lost, the Bulls blew a double-digit lead.

The Bulls are better than the Hawks. But No one would believe that if they watched the game Monday night. So what do the Bulls need to do to rebound from their horrid performance in the series-opening game? Let’s discuss.

By: Brian McCabe

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Michelle Money: Bachelor “Star” and Alleged Carlos Boozer Mistress


Chicago Bulls superstar Carlos Boozer allegedly had a “money shot” on the side during his marriage. Yes, his supposed mistress’ name is Michelle Money, a “reality tv star” whose actual but porn-star sounding name gave us a story that is both rich in “air-quotable” material and deliciously bad puns. “Money talks” to Life & Style Magazine about the affair she claims to have had with the bald, mutton-chopped NBA forward.

Boozer, the black Vladimir Lenin (or Jim Cramer perhaps…) has yet to make a “Mad Money” style comment to the press. Perhaps he doesn’t want to throw good money after bad, or maybe there’s actually nothing to this story and “money ain’t a thang.”

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Bulls Carlos Boozer out with Sprained Ankle

carlos boozer

Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer sprained his left ankle yesterday (Saturday, January 15) in the fourth quarter against the Miami Heat.  Boozer did not travel with the team to Memphis and is listed as out for tomorrow’s game.

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Is Derrick Rose the Next Deron Williams?

deron williams

With the signing of three former members of the Utah Jazz, the Chicago Bulls earned the nickname “Utah Midwest” this summer. Bulls fans hope they don’t become “Utah Jazz East,” as in the Jazz of the Eastern Conference postseason because Utah’s recent playoff experience is not worth emulating.

You’ve heard the expression “NBA Hell?” Well, that’s exactly where Utah is- a place where the ceiling has been reached and every May just repeats itself like the movie “Groundhog Day.”

One aspect of the Jazz certainly worth emulating is the play of their point guard. In recent years, we’ve seen University of Illinois product Deron Williams evolve into the greatest ex-Illini in the professional ranks, and later the greatest overall point guard.

Can Derrick Rose make a similar leap? A couple of Williams’ former teammates believe so.

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