Penn State spring football, life after Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno


It was the biggest fall from grace in sports history. Joe Paterno, the all time college football leader in wins, lives just long enough to see his reputation tarnished as an enabler of child rape, and the job he held for multiple decades terminated.

Before Paterno passed on, he stayed alive long enough to see his former right hand man, Jerry Sandusky, deservedly vilified in the media as one of the biggest monsters to disgrace the game.

And of course, this was all the biggest sports news story of 2011. As it should have been.

With Paterno deceased and Sandusky no longer a permanent fixture with the program, where does PSU go from here?

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Former PSU Player Lavar Arrington Unhappy with Program’s New Direction


All the buzz today is about the introduction of former New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien as the new head college football coach in Creepy Valley.

By Thursday, everyone knew O’Brien was taking over at Penn State; becoming the successor to Joe Paterno. Today was his formal introduction. So a lot of PSU people are very excited about this alleged “new day” for the program.

Former Linebacker at Linebacker U. Lavar Arrington? Not so much.

Here’s what he’s said via his social networks:

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