NFL Apples Fall Way Far From the Bill Belichick Coaching Tree


Ever have an article/blog in your head for the longest time, but never had the time/proper situation to sit down, type it out and publish it? Ever since the epic fail of Charlie Weiss at Notre Dame, and his termination in South Bend, I’ve thought about how all the mentees of New England Patriots living legend Head Coach Bill Belichick, and how they’ve all deteriorated upon leaving BB’s side in Foxboro.

I even brought this up over a month ago on my weekly radio show when the Denver Broncos failed Josh McDaniels.

Now that the Cleveland Browns have canned Eric Mangini (his second extremely brief stint in the NFL) it’s becoming extremely clear that it’s all about the Jedi Master, not the Padawan learners in these situations. The Patriots are actually the league’s only team without “Coordinators,” or at least the only team possessing no one with the title “Defensive Coordinator” and “Offensive Coordinator.” Perhaps that will keep other NFL teams from poaching their staff, and then watching those coaches fail.

By Paul M. Banks

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