Did I mention Chicago has Jay Cutler now?


We all know that press conferences are insanely boring 99% of the time, but Jay Cutler’s coming to Chicago in April was hyped to a level…well, it’s like big JC was coming. And if Jesus were indeed returning, it may not get the hoopla and coverage that the Cutler trade received in Chicago. Yesterday was the first time Cutler greeted the media for a pre-game press conference. Not for a preseason game, but football that’s actually worth watching. Here’s the highlights of what he had to say:

Answering the question about what the biggest rivalry he’s ever been a part of…

“We got it going with the chargers, but this goes back a long time, nothing really compares to this.”

On the Packers defense:

“Very aggressive. There’s a lot of different things to confuse offenses. Charles Woodson coming from all over the place, the Defensive ends are playing really well within their system.”

On what he has to prove this season

“Never been to the playoffs, never been to the Super Bowl, but it all starts Sunday.”

A reporter asked if Cutler had ever been to Green Bay, then a couple media members made the industry standard/stereotypical jokes about how there’s nothing there.

“I’m guessing it’s similar to Kansas City, older stadium, great fans, lots of tradition. It’s going to be fun for me.”

On what he learned from the hostile crowd in the preseason game at his former team, in Denver

“That we’re ready to go, it’s the real season and these are real bullets.”


Who’s the favorite in this division and why?

“That’s your job.”

On Sports Illustrated predicting Bears/Patriots Super Bowl:

“That’s their job.”