NFL Lockout: The Movie


The Lockout is OVER!!! Over the past few months, the lockout has provided no shortage of twists, turns and some stuff that Aaron Sorkin and Scott Rudin could easily turn into Hollywood drama (if you doubt that last sentence, I direct your attention to the film “Moneyball” coming to a theater near you in September).

Regardless, arguing the merits of whether a series of events would make a decent movie is not what this post is all about, nor is it what’s fun about creating fake movies. The fun lies in thinking about which actors would play each of the main players.

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The Fantasy Nerd: Free Agency Losers

Field of Dreams 2: The NFL Lockout (HILARIOUS VIDEO)


Ready for the sequel (well, not really but it’s a can’t miss video anyway) to “Field of Dreams?” The NFL lockout version. You have to watch this video it’s star studded. Ray Liotta as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Taylor Lautner, Dwight Freeney from the Indianapolis Colts, Shawn Merriman, DeSean Jackson, Antonio Cromartie, Ray Lewis, Tony Gonzalez, even Kevin Costner makes a cameo to this fictional Iowa cornfield.

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NFL Labor Talks Intensifiy, but 2 Sides Still Fall Apart

How the NFL Lockout Affects America’s Favorite Game, Fantasy Football

According to Wikipedia, an estimated 18 million people adjust their line-ups week-to-week during the NFL regular season in a little game called fantasy football.

That’s a lot of people who may be looking for entertainment elsewhere if the NFL Lockout indeed sticks.

However, let’s make a realistic prediction and say the owners and players association figures something out and NFL football is actually played at some-point in the fall.

The next step is to think how the current lockout affects your fantasy football league now and when the lockout is lifted.

By: Nick Grays
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Carolina Panthers Draft Is Key Indicator of NFL Lockout

The NFL Lockout doesn’t have an end in sight.

The players are prepping for their individual anti-trust lawsuits versus the league, the league is too busy preparing for the annual player selection meeting next month.

However, as news of certain teams’ draft strategies are leaked in the media, those outside the private meetings of the NFL Owners can have an idea of how long the conflict might last. Those strategies could, in fact, be the indicator to let the media and public know if the owners themselves think this lockout is going to cause part or all of the 2011 season to be lost.

By Peter Christian

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NFL Lockout: Top 5 Impacted Parties outside the League

It’s now been a week since the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XLV and as soon as I emerged from my cholesterol slumber that was my Super Bowl party my attention immediately turned to two questions: Where are my pants? and outside the obvious, who else will be impacted by an NFL lockout?

On our first Sunday without football, we have to prepare for the possibility of many more football-less Sundays than usual.

By Peter Christian

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Why we WON’T Have NFL next Year: Labor Agreement Cliff Notes


Before reading this I must warn you: it’s rather depressing. It’s a very inconvenient and awful truth about the prospects of the 2011 NFL season. I hope you aren’t in a dark, gloomy and cold place right now.

Coupled with the prospect of losing the next NBA season to a lockout…well, if you’re complaining about how bad your team is now, wait quote ’90s R&B artist Jodeci (actually quoting Bobby Womack since they covered him) “if you think you’re lonely now, wait until tonight.”

Remember how you felt when the NFL season ended last Feburary? This Debbie Downer piece from Docksquad Sports is a must-read, because it gives you the skinny on the league’s revenue sharing agreement. You don’t need to have a MBA or job at Charles Schwab to read it.

The article is penned by a Chicago litigation and labor attorney, but you don’t need a Doctorate of Jurisprudence to appreciate it.

(And yes, I quoted both Jodeci and Bobby Womack in the same article, but you can scrutinize my taste in music later)

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