Qwest Field Road Trip Photo Essay


People just don’t go through the trouble of trying to visit NFL stadiums the way they do MLB parks. And it’s easy to understand why:  most NFL stadiums are built for size and utility, not for character and distinctiveness. From the ’60s-’80s, baseball and football parks were often one and the same. And these multi-use facilities were often bland, cookie cutter, perfectly symmetrical, and about as interesting to look at as the most austere building that the Bauhaus school ever produced.

But today, “less is more” only applies to the gridiron cathedrals. In baseball, there’s been an emphasis, perhaps a dysfunctional obsession, with quirkiness. So while the Mariners’ home, Safeco Field has quirkiness, Qwest Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks is more straight edge.

So I took a tour of the place that now serves as refuge for Pete Carroll, as he fled here to avoid NCAA sanctions at USC

By Paul M. Banks

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