Cricket Australia has Announced Its View on Transgender Policy


The primary transgender guideline is to appear in Australian elite cricket in the nearest future. On August, 8th, the Cricket Australia revealed the view on the future participation of players in team games with the affirmed sex if it differs from that obtained by birth.

This guidance is relative to the “International cricket Council’s Eligibility on the Basis of Gender Recognition” and gives a clear outlook on how the transgendered sportsmen can be engaged at the cricket top-level tournaments due to their identification. The main idea is to select the similar attitude to sportsmen, given the different physical features from birth (strength, stamina, etc.) Therefore, transgender participants in the female cricket will have to prove that the concentration of testosterone in serum has been less than 10 nanomoles per liter continuously for at least twelve months.

“It is hard to imagine, that in the 21st century, people may be discriminated by their identity. We are committed to showing that athletes with their identity might participate at any level of the game and feel inclusive when playing it in Australia, ” – says Kevin Roberts, Cricket Australia CEO.

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Is There a Transgender Policy in Sport?

The variety of genders that make up our community today leaves no place for transgender in sport due to the lack of proper understanding. Everything in our daily life has a binary structure, leaving no place for transgender people. However, this attitude does not work anymore, pushing the binary structure to be developed. Despite it is quite difficult to make the “sex comprehensive approach” more universal, there are still a lot of tough issues on how to standardize it.

Concerning physical activities, ladies are seemed to be inferior to men. They do not have the strong body constitution that men are normally born with. But, when a lady exceeds expectations in sport, it is thought that she has tricked.

When testing sex, the affirmed people have what is called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS). Their external appearance is that of a lady, however physically they are constituted of 46 XY chromosomes, which indicate them as males. These athletes are not normally resistant to testosterone. Even considering that every sportsman is unique and their conditions should be thought individually, our general public is very judgmental. Sports associations are scared of transgender engagement as it may provide them with unfair superiority. Anyway, this is only one point of view.

Back to Australians

Alex Blackwell, the former cricketer and policy promoter, mentioned: “Cricket in our country has an incredible chance to prove, that this is not only the national favorite sport but the sport for ALL Australians. These rules are dedicated to ensuring inclusive opportunities for everyone. The aim is to make people with affirmed sex to feel secured and welcome to join the cricket either as a player or a fan.”

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