Nice Apology Daniel Snyder



By H. Jose Bosch

Last night Daniel Snyder apologized to the fans on behalf of himself and the entire organization, which is great because public apologies are worth ten points during a team’s next game and the Redskins desperately need to score more than 17.

OK, who are we kidding? There is no way the Redskins would score more than 17 even if they were spotted ten.

In case you missed it, Snyder broke his M.O. and spoke with reporters during the regular season. But this wasn’t a grand press conference set up in his office or at the team’s training facility. Nope. He made his announcement during a Redskins Charitable Foundation event announcing a partnership between the Redskins and Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Yes, leave it to Snyder to ruin a perfectly good charitable event to attract all the attention to himself.

Face it. The Redskins can’t even apologize correctly.

Not that Snyder shouldn’t be given credit for trying, but could you wait an extra day? Do you realize how excited the Prince George’s County Public School must have been to get eight high schools added to Washington’s “Fields For Tomorrow” renovation and maintenance program? But that’s not important enough. What is important is to use this photo op (with people from the community!) to show how much Daniel Snyder cares.

I realize that Snyder was doing everyone a favor by actually talking to the media during the regular season, something he rarely does. But unless the aforementioned apology improves the Redskins’ red zone offense, I’d appreciate he doesn’t use a charity event announcement as his podium to take responsibility for something we’ve all been blaming him for anyway.

Apologies are nice but action works a lot better.

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