NFL Mock Draft 12-22



  1. Do you know who am I?Do you want more interesting?
    The NFL is working with Boston University’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy to study brain trauma in football. The league will ask former and current NFL players to donate their brains to science. Presumably, with fancy boxes to ship the brains, like they do for Super Bowl rings.
    Page 2 loves this idea.
    Scientists could study Mark Sanchez’s brain to find out what he doesn’t understand about the words “double-covered.” They could study Tony Sparano’s brain to find out what he sees in Pat White that no one else does. And they could look at Brett Favre’s brain on the subject of waffling.

  2. WOW! Yeah I read a couple things about that topic…I’m most interested in learning about Favre and why his brain struggles with decisiveness. well not on the field, he seems very sure of his decisions, for better or worse, there.

    In terms of encephalopathy, I have to admit it’s not my strongest subject, I remember a chapter on that in this course I barely passed in college:
    “Psychology 310:the brain and the mind” at Univ of Illinois.

    I was the only freshman in it, out of like 600 students and I was really in over my head for just my 2nd semester on campus. Cognitive neuroscience is really interesting shit though. I don’t understand or even try to, but I find it fascinating.

    And I’ve been following that NFL story closely. I wonder if they can find out what’s wrong with Jerry Angelo’s logic, reasoning skills, as well as his judgment.

  3. Re the use of coeds in recruiting–this has been going on at major universities for decades. Attractive,sports-minded frosh are invited to join,say, “Gator Getters” & then brought along & vetted to see if they will put out for the sake of the home team; if not, they are let go (though this must be like shooting fish in a a barrel nowadays).(Tenn.’s problem was that the girls were leaving campus to visit the players.)Some Studs Terkel-type needs to do a book on this– a few dozen interviews & it would write itself.

  4. First, let me say that I am from Philly and I would love Derrick Morgan to be an Eagle…He is a local kid and I know he would understand what it takes to play for the Eagles. However, I can’t see the Vikings or Saints passing on Dunlap. Could you imagine Dunlap on a defensive line with the Williams wall and Jared Allen? HA!

  5. Mike J, I agree completely! I know this has been going on for ages, but now in the “information technology” age more facts and stories get out. So said muckraker writer would have a pretty easy time getting those anecdotes out there. And I’m sure every program other than Tennessee has these groups…after Katie Hnida’s experiences at the Univ of Col, and the “prostitution slush fund” that they have out there…nothing seems shocking. It’s funny too because Gary Barnett was hailed as a Messiah here in ’95 after leading the Wildcats rebirth as a program..but tunred out to be a ginormous sleaze

  6. Cap, is that short for Cap Rooney? from “any given sunday” cuz that would be awesome if it was.

    I really think Dunlap’s DUI incident is going to drop his stock a lot. I guess he’s lucky that it happened far away enough from the draft that a lot of people will forget. In a class that wasn’t so deep DE wise he probably wouldn’t fall out of the first round, but because he seems “riskier” now I don’t see him making the 1st round. Still a day 1 guy though for sure

  7. Scott Carasik says

    does the name Curtis Lofton mean anything to you? you know the guy we took in 2008 to be the MLB for this team? We won’t take McClain because 1) we have Lofton in the middle playing at a pro bowl level and 2) he doesn’t fit either OLB spot in the cover 2 defense we run.

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