Four New Career Choices Antonio Brown could Try


Antonio Brown, the seven-time Pro Bowl participant, has been released by the New England Patriots after just one game played by the 31-year-old. The wide receiver, who has had a variety of off-field problems over the years, has been released from his contract with the Super Bowl champions with immediate effect.

And Brown himself has come out on Twitter and claimed he ‘will not be playing in the NFL anymore’, questioning the legality of the Patriots’ decision to end his employment.

He is also likely to be at least $5 million out of pocket, with New England unlikely to pay out the first installment of his signing-on fee, which was due on September 23.

While the former All-American will surely be tempted with big-money offers from other franchises, he might actually be banned from playing altogether, after being added to the commissioner’s exempt list.

So, if Brown is to never play in the NFL again, what could his next career move be?

Rugby player

There has been a steady stream of professional rugby players heading Stateside to try their luck in football: Jarryd Hayne, Valentine Holmes, and Hayden Smith being just three examples who have secured NFL contracts.

And then there was Christian Wade, the former England rugby international who scored an incredible 65-yard touchdown for the Buffalo Bills in a pre-season game against the Indianapolis Colts.

To turn the tables; with great hands and an electric turn of pace that has delivered up-to-now career stats of 75 touchdowns, 841 catches, and more than 11,000 receiving yards, Brown could easily make a go of it as a winger in either code of rugby.

Ultimate Frisbee star

The object of the sport of Ultimate Frisbee is to receive the flying disc in the opposition team’s end zone… sound familiar?

While there is no movement allowed in this high-octane sport when in possession of the disc, the requirement is on the speed of the player’s feet, and the ability to think forward and strategize when getting into place to receive the frisbee in an advanced position.

In all seriousness, it’s a game that Brown could thrive at, although he won’t make anything near the $50 million per-season he was reportedly going to be paid in his short spell at the Oakland Raiders earlier in the year.

Poker pro

There is a history of former football pros going on to enjoy success at the poker table.

Former Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell has cashed in at tournaments all over the world. In the World Series of Poker event, he also holds the accolade of ‘busting’ former Main Event champion, Ryan Reiss.

Another former Patriot, Richard Seymour, has cashed numerous times and even made it to day two of a WSOP event, while Emmitt Smith once delivered a head-to-head knockout of Phil Ivey in a charity tournament.

Perhaps Brown could follow in those footsteps, and now he has plenty of time on his hands he can get a taste of what to expect at an online casino while learning the ropes of other card games such as blackjack, baccarat and Punto Banco.

Comedy act

While Brown showed that he is more than capable of cutting a few shapes on Dancing with the Stars, it was his hilarious turn on The Masked Singer that remains his most celebrated reality TV moment.

The 31-year-old, dressed as ‘The Hippo’ character, delivered what can only be described as a note-imperfect performance of Bobby Brown’s hit single, ‘My Prerogative’.

It showed a light-hearted side to Antonio rarely seen on the field, so perhaps a career as a light-hearted entertainer also beckons?

Either way, it appears his days as an NFL pro are over, so fans and followers can only look to Brown to decipher what his next move might be.

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  1. Yep – AB as a winger – rugby union “sevens” to be exact – would be his ‘best fit’ – not 15-a-side! Money though wouldn’t be as good as what he’d expect from the NFL! He’d need to learn how to ‘spiral laterally-backward’ football passes left-hand side and right-hand side accurately, tackle-form rugby-style – as per the ‘rugby rule-book’. Punt and kick the football with the ability of either side – right foot and left foot. Catching the football – no problem there! Ability to “read” the “game situation”/tactics on offense and defense! Learning the Rugby Union Rules. Learn the rugby offensive and defensive plays – which should be really easy for him compared to American Football – not as many to learn and are not as complicated to do! Finally – most important of all – NEEDS TO UP HIS WORK RATE – INCREASE HIS GAME STAMINA and FITNESS! A rugby union field is LARGER in AREA – than an American Football field and the game is usually continuous -no game breaks/time-outs unless there is a referee penalty/player injury/field goal penalty! AB has too do A LOT MORE TACKLING and RUNNING AROUND on the field GETTING INVOLVED “in the action”! Believe AB would be okay at increasing his stamina for rugby 7s as he has an excellent work ethic already! If he succeeds in this, makes the USA 7’s team – and this national team makes the next Olympics – he may have missed out on a Superbowl ring but could go for an Olympic gold instead!

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