Minnesota Vikings: Playing for a Draft Pick




There is tremendous speculation over the draft situations of the league’s bottom dwellers. There are many squads fighting for first place in their race for the bottom. The tiebreaker system will soon come into play after the completion of week seventeen comes to a close in the NFL.

The NBA lottery was implemented to keep clubs from trying to lose at the end of their regular seasons in order to ensure a better pick. This has been a complete disaster because certain teams have consistently not been awarded what they deserve while others like Orlando have been extremely fortunate. Anyway, I have some ways for a proper tiebreaker to occur.

The first condition to consider when two teams have the same record is to analyze who won the head to head contest between the two. The loser should obviously obtain the better pick because the team would be in greater need of the assistance.

The second condition must be the total point disparity on the season. Fantasy football fanatics enjoy the analysis of countless statistics when the final score of the games is the only thing that matters to become Super Bowl Champions. The team that is not as close against its opponents would theoretically be inferior to another with the same record.

The third condition would be the record during the second half of the season. Sometimes teams are hobbled during a certain segment of the schedule or the coach is playing with a young team that might take some time to gel. Momentum is a tangible thing and sometimes it can even carry over to the next year.

The fourth condition analyzed could be the turnover margin. The squad with the more beneficial turnover ratio out of the two with the same record would not be rewarded with the better pick. Gaining victories through takeaways is winning by smoke and mirrors. A club in this situation is winning as much by their opponents’ ineptitude as much as by their own success.

The fifth condition is the home field record. Designing a game plan with the facility in mind is a must as we enter the winter portion of the calendar. It demonstrates mastery of what is desired if a team performs at a higher level in front of its own fans. Therefore, the one with the worse record at home would have the better selection.

I can’t imagine a pick coming down to the sixth tiebreaker, but I will offer one simply just in case. Or the commissioner may prefer this one over the previous five when he reads this passage. The divisional record is relevant. Therefore, the team’s performance against its rivals is rightfully scrutinized in this scenario. A worse record in pressure filled situations against its nemesis would suggest that the team must have another difference maker to have to the chance to compete at the highest level.

I wish that this piece outlined the playoff bracket for the Vikings. Unfortunately, the team has been struggling recently and is in a rebuilding mode.

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