Chicago Bears: 2019 Unfolding Just Like 2018, but Road Ahead Vastly Differs


Past results do not always predict future performances, but they do possess a lot of information worth analyzing nonetheless. History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme, Mark Twain famously said.

The 2019 Chicago Bears, through the first five games, not only have the same record as 2018, but they have also mirrored that path to three wins and two losses. It’s something to think about this bye week, when looking head to the next game, at home against the New Orleans Saints.  

If you’re going to be betting on this Oct. 20th game, like you would at, or any other games this season, then here’s a key stat you should pay attention to. The Bears finished 28th in the NFL last year in percentage of running plays that went for 10 or more yards (10.0%). This year, the Bears rank 31st, with only the hapless Miami Dolphins  behind them. Only four of Chicago’s 118 rushes have gone for double digit yardage (3.4%).

The Bears are going to need to improve upon this if they are to win the division, and then actually do something in the playoffs this time around. Getting back to 2018 and 2019 Chicago Bears commonalities, Both seasons opened with heartbreaking losses to the Green Bay Packers. In week two they just squeaked by far inferior opponents, the Arizona Cardinals last year, Denver Broncos this year. 

Week three saw them register good wins over good teams, the Seattle Seahawks last year, Minnesota Vikings this year. The offense broke out in week four, Tampa Bay last fall, Washington Redskins this time. In week five, the Monsters of the Midway suffered massive let down losses, against teams that should have no business beating them- the Dolphins last year, and the Oakland Raiders this year. 

In week six, the Chicago Bears were not on a bye, as they are this time around, and they fell at home to the New England Patriots.

Looking ahead to how the Bears will finish this season, there is one major factor you must consider- remaining schedule. As reigning NFC North champions, they play a much tougher schedule than they did in 2018. In fact Chicago has the toughest remaining schedule of anybody, and by some margin.

In looking at the aggregate winning percentage of remaining opponents, the Bears are at .623, tops in the league. The Atlanta Falcons are tied with the Broncos for second at .602

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