How Do Athletes Prevent Overuse Injuries While Training



When you are motivated you tend to over-exercise with the hope of getting desired results quickly. But do you know that overdoing it can easily trigger workout injuries? 

When bones, tendons, muscles put up with stress without getting enough time to heal, workout, or overuse injuries are caused. Overuse injuries in athletes are mainly caused while 

  • Training goes wrong 

Improper exercises originating from wrong yoga poses cause excessive pressure to your joints and over time it leads to overuse injuries.  

  • Practicing a new sport 

It might be interesting to push yourself into a new sport but if you pace up in it, you might get injured. Take things slowly, ease yourself into it, and then you will body will get used to the requirements of your new hobby.  

How can you detect an overuse injury? 

Very often we tend to confuse an overuse injury with a muscle cramp because the initial symptoms are quite similar. It is only after the pain worsens, that we realize that it is something way more serious than just a muscle pull.  

Thermal imaging is one of the most effective ways to determine an overuse injury and is performed remotely to check the stress and fatigue levels as well as the body temperature of athletes, which can be indicative of their health conditions. You can check out a review of Fever thermal imaging cameras that can help detect the presence of strains and overuse injuries in their muscles.  

Thermal imaging cameras can be used to measure the body temperature at any state, be it while you are exercising or you are at complete rest.  

How to treat an overuse injury? 

If you are suffering from an overuse injury, the treatment plan will depend on the condition of your injury. But in case of overuse injuries are detected at the earliest they can be treated in the following ways: 

  • Heat or ice treatment 

You can either apply a heating pad or some cubes of ice to reduce swelling and pain. Make sure to consult your physician as they will be able to tell you whether your injury can be healed by an ice pack or a heat pack.  

  • Physical therapy 

If you think the pain is disrupting your everyday activities, consult a physical therapist and they will be able to recommend an exercise plan to help you recover.  

  • Medication 

You can consume anti-inflammatory medicines available over the counter to relieve pain. But in case the pain progresses then you should consult a doctor wasting no time so to start an effective treatment plan at the soonest.  

How to prevent an overuse injury? 

Fortunately, you can prevent overuse injuries by warming up before exercising and following your coach’s instructions. You need to take breaks whenever required and get adequate rest and sleep. Make sure to use the right sports gear while training and exercising, and never hesitate to change your workout plans to suit your health conditions – remember, overusing your muscles will do you harm than good.  



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