Miami Heat: who’s staying and who’s leaving?


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The Miami Heat and their “Big Three” are currently standing at a crossroads. Each member of the big three, as well as the rest of the team, will have to make some very important decisions this summer. Will they stay united and give it another go for the championship?

Or will they decide to part ways and seek a better, more suitable environment? Well, that’s another article for another day. Today, we’ll look at the rest of the roster.

(UPDATE: Lebron James opts-out! Here’s an in-depth assessment of Miami team needs this offseason, in light of this news)

(UPDATE: Heat entirely clear their roster, Bosh officially opts-out, what does this mean and what will they do with the cap space? how will this affect Pat Riley’s future?)

The only player under contract for the upcoming season is Norris Cole. And that’s the only member of this Miami Heat team guaranteed to return in 2014–2015. In addition to Cole, the Heat might  have Udonis Haslem on-board too, who holds a player option worth $4.6 million for the upcoming season, so he’s unlikely to turn that down.

What about the other 13 players the Heat have on their roster?

Chris Andersen, who had a $1.4 million player option for the upcoming season, announced soon after the end of the 2014 NBA Finals that he won’t exercise it. The Birdman could still return to the Miami Heat, but he will most probably demand a higher paycheck.

Shane Battier has already decided to retire.

Ray Allen is still undecided about his future.

At the age of 38 and with two championship rings on his fingers, it seems like a good time for the best shooter the NBA has ever seen to retire. However, Allen proved during the 2013 – 2014 season that he can be a factor for Miami. In fact, he was the sixth man for the defending champs the last two seasons. If the big three stick together, look for Allen to stay in action for another (maybe his final) season.

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Mario Chalmers will be an unrestricted free agent this summer and chances are he doesn’t return to Miami. The 28 – year old guard was unreliable during the NBA Finals and he even got benched in Game 5.

Of course, Chalmers is by far the best point guard the Heat have had since the Big Three came together. Nevertheless, since it’s time for radical changes in Miami, Chalmers could be on the move.

What about Carmelo Anthony? Any chance he’s coming?

Michael Beasley, who was brought to Miami one year ago in order to help the Heat three-peat will also be an unrestricted free agent but he expressed his desire to return to the Miami Heat for another season. If he finally earns the trust of Erik Spoelstra, he can be a factor for the Heat. During this past season, Beasley barely got minutes. The same goes for Greg Oden. If the Miami Heat decide to risk a bit and trust the 7-foot 2007 top overall pick, they might be rewarded.

Rashard Lewis, James Jones and Toney Douglas will all be unrestricted free agents. Although the Miami Heat could bring one or all of them back, they will most probably have to agree to earn the veteran’s minimum to stay in South Beach. All three are expendables.

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  1. Clarence Williams says

    I think Labron has given all he can to Miami, and now it’s time to move on. The Houston Rockets would be the best place for his and Carmelo Anthony. Houston could dump every one but their all star Center, and would be able to afford the two of them in this city with no state taxes,. Other available excellent players at all positions would be kicking down the door to play with them, at lower salaries, and they would go to the playoffs every year. They would automatically become the best team in the West, and would win multiple championships together….trust me,

  2. Michael beasley says

    I don’t trust Clarence ^

  3. So Cleveland was right after all for hating LeBron, does he have any fans left? I hope wherever he goes and joins up with becomes a last place team. No matter he will NEVER compare to Michael

  4. And exactly who is comparing LeBron to Michael?

  5. Damn LeBron isn’t even gone yet and yall talking s***!! That man have goals. He knows exactly what he wants and he should go after it. If yall had a chance to get promoted on your job, would you not take that opportunity because you wanna appear to be loyal. Get outta here!

  6. James Swinton says

    When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. This is life, shit don’t go our way every day but we don’t stop living the real man always find a way, running from problems only show your weakness Lebron should stay in Miami and be a man, a leader and a multiple title winner

  7. James Swinton says

    When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. This is life, shit don’t go our way every day but we don’t stop living the real man always find a way, running from problems only show your weakness. Lebron should stay in Miami and be a man, a leader and a multiple title winner

  8. Good Luck LeBron!!!!!!

  9. I think LeBron has royalty as well as loyalty!!!!!

  10. If the heat keeps the big 3 they need 2 shake up the rest of the team to include erik spoe,this is a coach riding off of their talent definitely not a strong coach and it showed against the spurs and coach Pop. just not impressed. birdman haslem allen & cole are keepers

  11. I think this one is on Pat Riley.. Either shape up the roster or Lebron may ship out. Napier is only a start. Regardless who stays and who goes I think Lebron’s willingness to drag a team to the finals is not really there. He wants and needs help. My thinking is that Chalmers, Beasley, and half of the role players are gone. Which half is anyone’s guess. However it is kind of pathetic that Lebron was the leading pretty much everything in the finals for Miami by a mile…. scorer, rebounder, blocks etc… I never questioned the guy’s abilities however, it is obvious that he does not have that Jordanesque quality of making his team around him better.

  12. bosh and wade were totally horrible in the final round of the series its time to rehab or retire ” if thats all they have

  13. Agreed pat riley must” make some changes last year they gave up miller, anthony and kept lewis jones and brought back beasley that was the start in the wrong direction. I only wonder ? do they really pay attn to whaat each player on there roster value to the team really is ?

  14. Mario Galdamez says

    Lebron ist not a king He got 1 1/2 rings, first championship was only few games. Never will be compare with Michael and Kobe who play and still with The Lakers.

  15. i dont think a true player should leave when things are not opitmum. He left cleavland- I can see that. You dont jump ship again. If he does ill lose respect. You go to a team and you make it work. If the team makes an effort you should act accordingly. As far and wade and bosh. They werent much help. James was aggrevated. I understand. I would give it one more year . He owes it to the franchise. He owes it to himself.

  16. why was oden not played. why was beasly not played. i dont understand

  17. Gred Oden says

    I didn’t play because my knees are weaker than peanut brittle.

  18. I’m from Fort Lauderdale and of course I’m a Miami Heat fan not like most of these band wagons who have jumped on board after Lebron arrived and this is my opinion from a true fan. First off I’m Thankful Lebron came to our city not only because he brought us two Championships but because he and Wade put on some amazing performances and I don’t mean like the Playoffs or Championships I mean like the little things great passes and amazing dunks from regular season games that type of stuff.

    With that being said if I were him I wouldn’t come back only because I would want to play my heart out and be slapped in the face with the pathetic lack of effort shown by my team mates. But unlike Cleveland fans I won’t hate him because he’s chosen to better his opportunity it’s his choice and should do what’s best for him. Although people want to hate; the Heat did an awesome job because I can remember when you haters said that they would suck and wouldn’t even make it to the Finals their first year and they did Four Years in a row!!! And lets face it San Antonio played as if they had taken a whole year and created a specific playbook for the Heat; If anything that’s a compliment because even though they lost, the Spurs only goal in life was to beat the HEAT. So all of you haters who have anything negative to say about the HEAT can suck a BIG D^@k!!!

  19. Leola Robinson says

    I’m a staunch Miami fan, but I was embarrassed by their piss poor performance in the finals. I hope LeBron stays in Miami, but only if Pat Riley acquires some quality back up players and for God sakes get a true center. Miami is in desperate need of some rebounding help. Please send Chambers, jones, Beasley, and Lewis packing. Wade needs to have surgery on his knee or retire and Bosh needs to become much more consistent and reliable. That’s my opinion and I am sticking to it…

  20. Mr. Harry you are wrong the Spurs didn’t just beat the Heat. They schooled them and then bitch slapped them. That is a fact not hating. And suck on MY Harry BIG D^ @YO MOMMAS.cum!!!

  21. I think he stop running g let a team builded around stop running like a little baby

  22. Anonymous says

    Miami Heat coach was out coached, plain and simple.

  23. Folks, There is no income tax in Fl. Thats worth 5-10 mil in wages and bonuses and marketing.
    James will stay!

  24. Anonymous says

    theres no income tax in texas either

  25. I would like to see lebron stay but only if they would rebuild if not I would go to Houston the talent is there and they can keep adding more and more players they would win a lot of rings so if I was Pat Riley I would be listing to what lebron has to say if he would like to have lebron back lebron knows its not fair for him to do all the work that’s why he left Cleveland he was there all them years and as good as he is u can’t win one on five that’s why he left and if Pat doesn’t to something he will leave again

  26. Anonymous says

    Who gives a shit

  27. youlebron dont be ababy be a man dont let wade push you out play go back to the heat they nead you and you need them so dont run be a man

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