Bucks, Kings, Bobcats Three-Way Trade


stephen jackson trade

According to multiple sources, the Milwaukee Bucks have agreed to a three-team trade with the Sacramento Kings and Charlotte Bobcats that involves the exchanging of multiple lottery picks in the 2011 NBA Draft and several veteran players including John Salmons, Stephen Jackson, and Corey Maggette.

By: David Kay

Stephen Jackson
Beno Udrih
Shaun Livingston

Corey Maggette

John Salmons

Why This Makes Sense For Milwaukee:
Milwaukee dumps the remaining two years of Maggette’s deal which is worth more than $21 million and Salmons’ remaining four-years, $31 million.  Jackson is an up-grade over Salmons at the two and gives the Bucks another guard who can create which they need.  Udrih and Livingston provide an up-grade over Keyon Dooling as a back-up point guard to Brandon Jennings though neither of their contracts is very desirable.

Why This Makes Sense For Charlotte:
The Bobcats now hold two of the top seven picks in the draft which helps their re-building that they sorely need.  They do have to take on Corey Maggette but his contract is a wash with Jackson’s and more of a true three, something Charlotte needs since trading Gerald Wallace.

Why This Makes Sense for Sacramento:
I am not sure about this.  I guess Salmons is better than Udrih and can play in the same backcourt with the ball dominant Tyreke Evans.  However, Salmons contract looks rather hideous after a very disappointing 2010-2011 season.  Moving down three picks and trading Udrih, their only true point guard, likely means Sacramento goes after Kemba Walker or Jimmer Fredette at ten.

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