2009 NBA Mock Draft


Check it out! Our NBA Mock Draft, one of our most popular features has moved…to Walter Football.com! You can now read it in it’s entirety here.


We will be updating the mock one or twice each week (and even more frequently as the draft nears on the site of our new content partner). So please bookmark the URL below and pass it on to all your link partners. We will also make a new entry on The Sports Bank.net’s homepage every time the mock is updated at Walter Football.com 

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  1. David K. says


  2. Melissa W. says

    Kudos, sir. Kudos.

  3. Tara R. says

    Way to go Paul and the Sportsbank.net crew! This is awesome.

  4. paulmbanks says

    Tara Reid played a girl named Noami in “Van Wilder” to quote that flick
    “Naomi- tha’ts I moan backwards”

  5. Peter Christian says

    Actually, Paul. Naomi was the girl that Taj was trying to hook up with when he set the room on fire. Tara Reid’s character was named Gwen.

    “Are you stalking me? Because, if you are, that would be AWESOME!”

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