Miami Heat panicking? Cancel practice, media session, Wade vs. Spoelstra (video)



Last night the Indiana Pacers treated the Miami Heat like Wall Street/the U.S. Government treats anyone who opposes Goldman Sachs- total obliteration. Indiana put on the whooping stick as the Heat trailed by as many as 21. Today, the fallout continues, as the Heat cancelled their media session and practice.

It’s circling the wagons time, as the presumptive favorite to win the NBA title, especially so after the Chicago Bulls utterly collapsed following the catastrophic injury to Derrick Rose, struggle massively. It’s only a 2-1 deficit, but they’ve lost home court and those who win game 3 win the series 82% of the time.

And now you have coach Erik Spoelstra and star player Dwanye Wade at each other’s throats. Watch the video below

With one of their big three, Chris Bosh, out indefinitely, the Pacers are owning the Heat up front. Roy Hibbert is having monster games. Now a second member of the Heat big three is banged up and struggling, as Wade is definitely hurt. He had his first ever scoreless playoff half last night, and had the worst postseason game of his career, finishing with just 5 points on 2-13 shooting.

With those two down it means Lebron James has all the pressure on him. And as he saw last NBA Finals, LBJ isn’t good at handling pressure.

In other words, the Heat are in big trouble.


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