Video of the Grossest MLB Fan you’ll see this Season



I know, it’s only April. And the Major League Baseball season has a LONG way to go. But we’ll be hard pressed to find someone more disgusting in appearance; and calling attention to it, then this guy. Normally, I would say “do you people HAVE A MIRROR in your home?” Because, seriously why would you leave your house dressed like this?

However, this is a special case. No one who’s built like Michael Moore leaves the house wearing a ten-sizes-two-small Gordon Beckham shirt does it on accident.

And seriously, did this have to be a Chicago White Sox fan? Do you understand why I love the Sox, but refuse to claim Sox fans as “my people.” You will after the jump

Shout out to Guyism. As you’ll see on screen as well.



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  1. Maybe they should starting enforcing dress codes like they do on some airlines. I’m glad I’m not a baseball fan. You don’s see this kinda fan junk at hockey games….THE greatest game on the planet. Strap skates on and then lets see you dance.

  2. thats just rude leave the guy alone he was just trying to have fun its people like you guys that video tape it are just ass holes cmon get a life

  3. It looks like the person taking the film is the only one that thinks anything about this guy. Nobody else is even looking which tells me the guy is just having a little fun.

    BTW, hockey fans don’t dress this way because it’s cold in the arena.

  4. Emil Harris says

    Are you sure this isn’t a NASCAR race? Oh wait, never mind, he isn’t wearing a #3 t-shirt or cap.

  5. paulmbanks says

    I doubt hockey fans and hockey arenas can take the high road here. You’ll see plenty of goofs like this at the United Center; they’e only slightly better clothed

  6. paulmbanks says

    It is true that no one else at the cell seems to be paying attention to this guy; but I don’t buy the whole “he’s just having a good time” line. If you’re an obese adult and you wear a kids size jersey-shirt in public, you are asking for attention.

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